Alyssa C. | Gloucester, Virginia | 20

I was in Los Angeles doing ministry with a group of people and four of us decided to walk around Chinatown asking different people if they needed prayer. It was around 10 am and not many people were out shopping. We eventually walked into a little shop; looking around at the merchandise and secretly looking at whom we might be able to minister to. But it was pretty empty, and I started to feel like we were supposed to talk to the guy who owned the store. I was a little nervous about how we would get around to ministering to him, so I convinced one of my friends, Mckenna, to try on one of the kimonos that were on the racks in his little shop. I was hoping that this would buy me some time to figure out how to approach him. While my friend was trying on the kimono, one of the guys that was in our group came with me to talk to the store owner. We began a conversation with him and it wasn’t too bad, but then he asked us what he “believed” in and we told him that we were Christians. We began to share with him the gospel, but the more we talked the more it became obvious that he didn’t want to hear about it and he became completely closed off. Mckenna came out of the dressing room and it was time to leave, but as we were walking out, I felt in my heart that it just wasn’t right. I knew inside that I hadn’t fully achieved all God wanted me to with this shop owner; I knew that there was unfinished business. So I turned back. I was so nervous to go back. I had no idea what I was going to say, and it felt scary knowing he obviously didn’t want to know more about God, but then I remembered a bit of the conversation we had with him. He had told us about him and his wife and that they didn’t have any children; he hadn’t said anything else but as I remembered that moment I heard God say that they had been trying for a long time to have children and that the shop owner blamed the ”higher power” that he believed in for their inability to have children. As I walked into the store, I walked up to the shop owner and told him all of this. I told him that he was actually meant to be a father, that every child is a gift from God, and that God wanted to bless him and his wife. I continued to tell him what God was saying in the moment, how much He loved him and his wife, how much He wanted to bless them. When I was done he confirmed that I was right about him and his wife not being able to have children. I told him I wanted to pray for him and bless his marriage and he let me. As I prayed I could see his face completely change; he looked full of joy and peace. When I was done he seemed so different. He thanked me over and over and over again. When we had first talked to this shop owner he wasn’t happy. He wouldn’t even let us pray for him, but now that he saw how God knew him and his wife, he was so changed. He was actually laughing after I finished praying. He couldn’t stop laughing, and I knew that it was God’s presence that had come over him. It was amazing to be able to see God move in someone, and how God knew that this one subject was the deal breaker, that this was the piece in the puzzle to open this man’s heart. God knows His kids, and we have the honor to make the introductions that day.