Tim H. | Ewa Beach, Hawaii | 25

I was in Hollywood last spring with a group from my school doing ministry on the streets. We were coming up with creative ways to do street evangelism, and that day some of us were holding up signs that said “Free Healing.” At one point, a middle-aged man with a cane walked by us, and I knew we had to stop him. As he walked past us, his face revealed that he was in pain, so I called out for him to stop and asked if we could pray for him. “Hey man, what’s going on with you?” I said and pointed to his cane. He explained that he had some problems with his hip, so I asked if we could pray for him. He said it was okay since he needed to take a break from walking. I asked him what level of pain he had, from a scale of 1 to 10, and he said 30! “Whoa,” I thought to myself, That’s a lot of pain. He sat down on the curb, and I lifted his legs vertically. As I looked down at them, I noticed that there was more than an inch of difference between the two legs! I told him about what I saw, and I began to pray that God fully heal him. We didn’t see any difference. I prayed again and once again we saw no difference. I asked if he felt any difference in his hip or if he felt anything at all and he said no. And then he told us that his bus was about to arrive and he had to go. I was still holding his legs, and I looked at the direction that the bus was coming from and then looked down at his legs and saw that they were now the same length! As I looked, slightly astonished, the man quickly got up and hurried to his bus without using his cane! My friends and I yelled out to him. As he waited to get onto the bus, we asked if he felt any better, and he yelled thank you as he got onto the bus. When we first saw this man, he looked like he was in pain and he had to use his cane, but when he hurried to catch his bus without the use of a cane, we were certain that he had been healed. I was personally surprised that God evened out this man’s legs the moment that we weren’t focusing on praying. In a moment God touched that man, and I knew it had nothing to do with us praying hard for a healing, but it was God presenting Himself when we called to Him.